Pick of the Birds

Web Creation (Coming Winter 2021)


Pick of the Birds

Wild birdfeed and Manitoba-grown black oil sunflower seeds — from our farm to your feeder. Pick nutrition. Pick quality. Pick value. Pick the seed that birds love.

— Pick of the Birds | Woodlands, MB

The scope of this project includes the following services by F3 Designs' creative team:

  • Immediate Online Presence (Temporary Landing Page)
  • Branding & Copywriting
  • Web Creation (Multi-Page Site)
  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • Domain Management

Watch for it all this Winter 2021!

Temp Landing Page

Pick of the Birds

Pick of the Birds

Pick of the Birds

Pick of the Birds

Creating Deeper Connections

Building Trust with Prospective Customers

Design is one of the best tools to build trust with customers we haven't yet met face-to-face. Professional web design will help you and your business create deeper connections with prospective customers.

The job of a Web Designer is to carefully consider the needs of the client to create a fitting solution. Custom services can offer you a sharp edge in terms of functionality as well as quality.


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