A Bit About Me

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Faye Fossay Web Creator F3 Designs


Keeping it Real

There came a time when I longed to be closer to my family and our farm. The 75-minute commute was taking its toll, prompting me to make a change.

Making that change was difficult and scary, but I found the bravery to do it because of the unwavering support of my dear husband. ❤️

In late 2006, I left my long-term employment with the firm and launched F3 Designs when our children were 4 and 6 years old. Since then, my mind has been continuously enriched with new learnings and knowledge. Every single day brings something new to learn, and it’s incredibly gratifying.

Over the years, I’ve cultivated robust partnerships with a talented team of creative and technical professionals who share a deep understanding of our collective strengths and limitations.

I strive to keep it real and work hard every day to find a balance between work, family, and my own personal wellness.

Hey there, I’m Faye.

I’m a Web Creator,  Furniture Artisan and Seclusion Dreamer. Embracing this diversity keeps my heart and mind happy and healthy.

During high school, I excelled in typing with the fastest WPM in my class and topped my computer studies. I developed a passion for keyboards and computers then, which has endured over the years! However, subjects like history, science, math, English, French, or gym class would often find me snoozing or seeking out more enjoyable activities.

After graduating from high school and community college, I spent several years working for a professional services firm in their consulting department. Simultaneously, I pursued further education and earned four certificates from Red River Community College, all with honors, including one in Website Development. Balancing work and starting a family while earning these certifications was a challenging yet rewarding experience. The knowledge and skills gained during this period continue to inspire and shape my work today. I am forever grateful for the support of my colleagues, who served as amazing teachers and mentors at that time.

Faye Fossay