Bayview Estates

WordPress Website — April 2024

Experience the serenity of Lake Winnipeg at our charming lakefront accommodation rentals, where each moment is enriched by breathaking views and a tranquil atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, enjoying unparalleled access to the water and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

— Bayview Estates  |  Lake Winnipeg, MB

It was a pleasure to collaborate once again with Bayview Estates, a valued returning client for whom I built a website a decade ago. As a trusted partner, I was thrilled to undertake the task of upgrading their online presence, aligning it with their evolving needs.

Bayview Estates is dedicated to providing outstanding lakefront accommodations, and I’m honoured to have contributed to their continued success in showcasing their offerings. This project allowed me to refresh their brand, enhance the functionality, and elevate their online presence, further solidifying our longstanding business relationship while better serving their guests with modern web capabilities.

Explore the charm of Bayview Estates’ stunning lakeside rental properties along the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba today!

The scope of this project included the following services by F3 Designs:

  • Branding (Colour Palette, Typography, Logo)
  • WordPress (Divi Builder)
  • Booking System Integration and Customization
  • Domain Management
  • Host Setup & Management
Bayview Estates at Lake Winnipeg
Bayview Estates at Lake Winnipeg
Bayview Estates at Lake Winnipeg
Bayview Estates at Lake Winnipeg